Welcome to Bast Storage: A Climate Controlled Self Storage Facility in Sedalia, Missouri

At Bast Storage, we welcome your business and look forward to providing you with an optimal climate controlled self storage solution in Sedalia, Missouri.

Check Out the following Benefits that Bast Climate Controlled Self Storage can provide.

Sixteen Awesome Benefits that You Can Enjoy When You Rent a Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit from Us:

1.) All of Our Storage Units are Climate Controlled:

At Bast Storage, climate controlled storage means keeping each storage space cool in the summer months and warm in the winter. You can expect the temperature to stay between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit in our temperature controlled storage units; much like the year round temperature that you maintain in your home. Our climate controlled storage units will truly protect your storage possessions.

2.) We Provide More than 60 Different Climate Controlled Storage Unit Sizes:

With 60 different climate controlled storage unit sizes to choose from, our friendly and professional staff will assist you in finding a storage unit size that best suits your storage needs. Our storage units range in size from a small walk in closet sized space to a space that is large enough to accommodate your entire business warehousing storage requirements!

3.) Our Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit Prices are approximately 1/3 the Price that You Might Expect to Pay for Similar Storage in Larger Cities:

We take pride in offering high quality climate controlled storage at affordable rental prices. Bast Storage provides a Big City storage unit selection with each storage unit renting for an affordable Small Town price. Plus, our convenient central location in downtown Sedalia, Missouri makes it easy for nearby customers to make a short drive to our climate controlled self storage facility to take advantage of our affordable storage unit rental prices!

4.) Our Ground Level, Dock High and Pickup Height Entry Doors Make for Easy Access to Your Climate Controlled Storage Unit:

We provide convenient storage unit access options for unloading and loading your storage possessions to and from your storage unit. We want to ensure that your storage experience with Bast is simple and cost efficient. There is no need to rent a trailer or truck to deliver your storage items; since you can easily just back up your vehicle to unload and load your items; or you may simply just walk them in!

5.) Enjoy Free Use of Our Carts to Move Your Storage Items within Our Climate Controlled Storage Facility:

Okay, so you have backed up your vehicle, trailer or walked your storage items into our storage facility. Now What? We provide Free Carts that are conveniently located at the main storage unit entry doors to assist you in transporting your storage items to and from your climate controlled storage unit. Our Free Carts make moving your storage items such as totes, furniture, tool boxes, business records and other commercial goods to and from your climate controlled storage unit a Snap!

6.) Pest Free and Insect Free Climate Controlled Storage Units:

We provide pest and insect control to ensure that your climate controlled storage unit stays clean and nuisance free! Each of our storage units receives pest and insect checkups performed by a well respected termination business located here in Sedalia, Missouri.

7.) Enjoy 24 Hour Access to Your Climate Controlled Storage Unit:

By providing you with 24 Hour Access to your storage building, you are welcome to visit your climate controlled storage unit at your own convenience.

8.) 24 Hour Video Surveillance and Key Card Access is Provided for Each Climate Controlled Storage Building:

You want your storage items to remain safe and secure within your climate controlled storage unit and so do we. To provide you with peace of mind, we have installed surveillance cameras and key card access within each storage building. Our dedication to providing a safe and secure climate controlled storage environment translates into your enjoying safe and secure access to and from your storage unit. So, please feel free to store your most prized possessions with us as you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that they will remain safe and secure!

9.) Bast Storage is Conveniently Located in Sedalia, Missouri in the Former J.A. Lamy Manufacturing Building:

We are located in downtown Sedalia, Missouri. Our climate controlled self storage facility contains ample inside storage space in addition to plenty of outside parking space for those who assist you in moving. There are three climate controlled storage buildings total on our premises and each contains multiple access doors to provide you with easy access into the storage building that houses your individual climate controlled storage unit. Our convenient location in Sedalia, Missouri makes our climate controlled storage service easily accessible to customers who reside in Sedalia, Pettis County and West Central Missouri.

10.) Our Friendly, Helpful and Knowledgeable Staff is On Site to Assist You in Finding the Perfect Climate Controlled Storage Unit:

Did we mention that we staff our climate controlled self storage facility with real people who look forward to helping you find the optimal climate controlled storage solution. We are here Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm to show you around our storage facility, help you find the perfect space and to answer any climate controlled self storage related questions that you may have. Our staff well understands how our customers value the possessions that they store with us. In addition, they are well versed in the skill of providing you with the right amount of climate controlled storage space that will adequately fit all of your storage possessions.

11.) Our Climate Controlled Self Storage Units are Convenient for Vendors to Access Daily:

Our climate controlled storage spaces and loading docks are excellent for food and drink vendors. Your food and drink products can easily be stored in a climate controlled environment that you can access on a daily basis! Our climate controlled storage units are affordable and secure and can be rented on either a short term or long term basis; whichever suits you best.

12. We Offer Both Short Term Climate Controlled Storage and Long Term Climate Controlled Storage:

So, stay as long as you like. We do not require a minimum stay contract which affords you the freedom to keep your storage options open. Say you are building a home and wish to store half of your home’s contents in climate controlled storage for the summer or you would like a climate controlled storage space to store a family member’s or a friend’s possessions while she or he is in the process of moving. We hope that you stay in your storage unit as long as you please. However, we understand that sometimes, you prefer a temporary climate controlled storage solution.

13. Gain Extra Space in Your Home or Office by Renting a Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit Today:

In Sedalia, Missouri, you must be prepared for seasonal weather which translates into storing seasonal items in your home or office. To reduce seasonal clutter, simply rent one of our climate controlled storage units and store all of your seasonal items such as furniture, antiques, clothing, holiday décor, seasonal business records and business inventory with us. Doing so will free up extra space in your home or office, while also gaining you peace of mind as your belongings will be stored in a clean, safe and secure climate controlled environment.

14. In Support of Our Troops, We Proudly Provide Military Discounts on Our Climate Controlled Storage Rooms:

In honor of the brave men and women who serve our country, we provide a Military Discount. Each serviceman or servicewoman who rents a climate controlled storage unit from us will receive Free Rent for the First 3 months of his or her storage unit rental. So, if you are stationed at Whiteman AFB or another nearby military base, please drop by to take us up on our free rent offer and to give us the opportunity to Thank You for keeping America Free !

15.) Bast Storage Makes Moving Easy:

Are you moving to Sedalia, Pettis County or West Central Missouri from an out of town location? If so, we will be glad to coordinate with you and your moving company to ensure that your valued possessions make it from the moving truck directly into your correct climate controlled storage unit here at Bast Storage. Please use our easy Contact Form on our Contact Page to provide us with at least a 48 Hour Advance Written Notice so that we will know your moving truck’s Estimated Time of Arrival at Bast Storage. Please also include a Phone Number where we may reach you in case we have coordination questions.

 16. No Deposit Required:

No Deposit is Required when you rent a Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit from us at Bast Storage. Our Storage Unit Rental Process just became even Easier. Please Drop by our downtown Sedalia, MO Office to take a Tour of our Climate Controlled Self Storage Facility Today!