What is Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate Controlled Storage provides an indoor temperature controlled storage environment for residential and commercial customers who seek to create Extra Space in their homes or offices by storing their valued possessions elsewhere.

Climate Controlled Storage continuously maintains a specific temperature to keep the items stored within safe from moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations while aiding in the prevention of weathering, aging, and overall damage from outside environmental factors.

What is a Climate Controlled Storage Facility?

A Climate Controlled Storage Facility contains the storage buildings where the individual storage units reside. The Climate Controlled Storage Facility helps to protect the items stored within each storage unit. The storage units are located inside the facility’s storage buildings and are temperature controlled; meaning that each storage unit is Cooled during the warmer seasons and Heated during the cooler seasons.

What is a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

A Climate Controlled Storage Unit is the actual Storage Space that resides inside a Climate Controlled Storage Facility whereby a customer stores his or her belongings.

Located inside the Climate Controlled Storage Building, the Climate Controlled Storage Unit provides the customer with a specific amount of storage space. In addition, the storage unit safely and securely protects the customer’s possessions thereby affording the storage customer with Peace of Mind.

Why is Climate Controlled Storage Superior to Non-Climate Controlled Storage?

A Climate Controlled Storage Unit usually resides within an indoor Climate Controlled Storage Facility. This means that your belongings will be stored in your own storage unit within a secure storage facility that is air conditioned during the warmer months and heated during the cooler months. Because true Climate Controlled Storage primarily requires that its Storage Units reside within a secure, climate controlled storage building, a customer can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that her or his possessions will be safely and securely stored. For instance, the Storage Building Entry Doors remain locked at all times and are only accessible via a customer’s specific key security card and security code which are issued to each storage customer. In addition, quality Climate Controlled Storage Buildings are brightly lit on the inside such that they provide the storage customer with an added layer of protection and comfort when she or he visits her or his storage unit.

Outdoor, Non-Climate Controlled Storage, on the other hand, unfortunately does not protect a customer’s storage possessions to the same superior extent that Indoor Climate Controlled Storage provides. When renting a storage unit from a Non-Climate Controlled Storage Facility, a customer’s possessions will generally be exposed to more moisture due to outdoor temperature fluctuations in addition to exposure to the harsher outdoor environment itself; which increases the risk of deterioration and damage to the customer’s storage possessions. Furthermore, Non-Climate Controlled Storage Units are usually only accessible from the Outside; thereby exposing the customer who visits her or his outside storage unit to a potentially heightened safety and security risk.

Therefore, Indoor Climate Controlled Storage is far superior to Outdoor Non-Climate Controlled Storage; as Indoor Climate Controlled Storage provides an additional layer of protection, in the form of the Indoor Environment itself, which protects the customer’s storage possessions from harsher outdoor temperatures and weather.

Does a Climate Controlled Storage Facility provide Heated Storage Units during the Fall and Winter Months and Air Conditioned Storage Units during the Spring and Summer Months?

Yes, a Climate Controlled Storage Facility provides customers with storage space that is heated during the cooler months and air conditioned during the warmer months. Heated storage space during the fall and winter months and air conditioned storage space during the spring and summer months helps to ensure that your personal and commercial storage items will be stored in a Climate Safe environment.
Do Climate Controlled Storage Facilities Provide Both Inside Storage and Outside Storage?

True Climate Controlled Storage is primarily located Inside. Air Conditioning and Heat can more easily and efficiently be distributed from within an Inside Climate Secure Storage Building. A major benefit provided by an Inside Climate Controlled Storage Unit that is housed within a temperature controlled storage building is the consistent temperature that is continuously maintained within the building. This consistent temperature provides ongoing climate protection for the customer’s storage items that are stored within her or his storage unit.

What is the Difference between Climate Controlled Storage and Climate Controlled Self Storage?

Climate Controlled Storage generally implies that an employee, who works for the storage facility, will be there on site to assist you in moving your storage belongings from your vehicle and into your storage unit.

On the other hand, Climate Controlled Self Storage usually means that You, the storage customer, will be solely responsible for moving your storage possessions from your vehicle and into your storage unit without assistance from a storage facility employee.

Is Climate Controlled Storage the Same Thing as All Climate Storage?

Yes, Climate Controlled Storage and All Climate Storage are generally interchangeable terms used to describe the same type of storage facility.

Both Climate Controlled Storage and All Climate Storage require an indoor, climate controlled storage environment.

However, the term All Climate Storage, alternatively, is sometimes used to describe a Cooled Storage Facility that specifically stores and protects a customer’s perishable goods.

Is Climate Controlled Storage Sometimes Referred to as Temperature Controlled Storage?

Yes, the terms Temperature Controlled Storage and Climate Controlled Storage usually refer to the same type of climate controlled storage facility.

Climate Controlled Storage clarifies that the temperature inside the storage facility is controlled such that it is Cooled during the warmer months of the year and Heated during the cooler months of the year to maintain an inside temperature that stays between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

Alternatively, the term Temperature Controlled Storage can be used to specifically define a storage facility that is cooled to an optimal temperature year round for the specific purpose of storing and preserving a customer’s perishable goods.