Climate Controlled Self Storage FAQs

Secure, Clean, Insect Free and Pest Free Climate Controlled Storage In Sedalia, Missouri

Q: Why is Climate Controlled Self Storage better than regular outside storage?

A: Eliminating the effects of extreme temperatures and humidity on the goods that you store increases hugely the likelihood that you will get your items out of storage in the same condition as you put them into storage. If you are storing a car or a boat, you likely do not need climate controlled storage. If you are storing furniture, clothing, records, valuables, antiques, or memorabilia, using climate controlled storage will make a big difference.

Q: Isn’t it fairly expensive to store in Climate Controlled Self Storage versus outside storage?

A: No, not the way we do it. Climate controlled storage in large cities charge expensive rates, but we do not. We are fortunate. We just do not have to charge more. Frankly, if people in Kansas City knew how inexpensive our rates were, they would bring their goods to Sedalia to store them. Plus, because we have dozens of different climate controlled storage room sizes (most storage facilities are limited to only 2 or 3 different room sizes), we can find one that allows you to store what you want without paying for unused space.

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Q: Can I access my Climate Controlled Self Storage room whenever I want?

A: 24/7. Your security card gives you access to our climate controlled storage facility at any time you choose.

Q: Does it take a fair amount of time to get signed up for a Climate Controlled Self Storage room?

A: It takes about ten minutes to find the right sized climate controlled storage room and to complete the paperwork – no joke!

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Q: Is there someone at the Bast Storage Facility to watch over things?

A: Yes. We have a staff of people who are in our offices during regular business hours. We walk through all of the climate controlled storage facilities every business day. Our security system handles the rest. We monitor all of the areas of our storage facility all of the time with security cameras and computers.

Q: Who is the Typical Bast Storage Customer?

A: Bast Storage is here to assist both residential and commercial customers who reside in or near Sedalia, MO and require climate controlled storage to store and protect their valued possessions. Many of our residential and commercial customers rent climate controlled storage space to de clutter and thereby gain back extra space in their homes or offices.

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Q: Does Climate Controlled Self Storage Work for Food and Beverage Vendors?

A: We have also found a special niche in working with food and beverage vendors who require climate controlled storage to protect their products and need to access their storage units on a daily basis. They find our dock high storage doors and van high loading docks convenient for the constant loading and unloading of their food and beverage products.

Q: Who can Benefit from storing at Bast Storage?

A: Everyone! We believe that if a possession is worth keeping, then it is worth the cost of storing it in climate controlled storage. Since our prices are only slightly higher than outside, non-climate controlled storage, it might be wise from a peace of mind perspective to simply store your possessions in climate controlled storage. In addition, Extreme temperatures and humidity can cause severe damage to possessions stored in an outside, non-climate controlled storage unit. However, at Bast Storage, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that the temperatures inside your climate controlled storage unit will be consistently maintained to between 65 degrees and 75 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

Furthermore, you can relax and rest assured knowing that your stored possessions are safe with us as we carefully monitor our storage buildings with live, on site security cameras that roll 24/7/365.

With 24 Hour Computer Surveillance and Key Card Entry, Bast Storage In Sedalia, MO is Safe And Secure!

Q: Who is On Site at Bast Storage to Assist Customers?

A: Bast Storage maintains an On-Site Office with friendly, knowledgeable staff who are able to assist you with any questions concerning our climate controlled storage units. Bast Storage employees will take you on a tour of our facility to help you find the perfect sized climate controlled storage space that best suits your needs. Our On-Site Bast Storage personnel also walk through the storage facility on a daily basis to ensure that our storage buildings remain safe, secure and up to snuff concerning our high quality standards.

Q: What is Bast Storage?

A: Bast Storage is a climate controlled self storage facility located in Sedalia, MO. Climate Controlled Storage means the units are fully enclosed, inside a temperature controlled building and the temperature is kept between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit year round. We want to be your partner in meeting your storage needs. We have many repeat customers who are quick to tell us about the great experiences that they have enjoyed at Bast Storage. Many have stored with us for years and find it the most cost effective way to de clutter and thereby create Extra Space in their homes and businesses.

Q: What are Bast Storage’s Hours of Operation?

A: Access to the storage building that contains your storage unit is gained via the key card that you receive when you rent a climate controlled storage unit from us. Our secure key card access system enables you to safely access your storage unit 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week and 365 Days a Year! In addition, our office is staffed with friendly storage professionals who are On Site to assist you Monday through Friday from 8AM until 5PM.

Q: What are Bast Storage’s Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit Policies?

A: When you choose Bast Storage as your climate controlled storage facility, we ask that you treat our storage facility with respect mainly by turning the lights off when you exit your storage unit and by keeping storage building doors closed when not entering or exiting your respective storage building. Your efforts to help us maintain security and save energy will assist us in keeping our climate controlled storage unit rental prices low and affordable. Our Storage Unit Rental Agreement conveniently outlines our climate controlled storage policies; including the policy containing our popular, short term Month-to-Month Storage Unit Rental Period.

Q: What are Bast Storage’s Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit Rental Prices?

A: Our Climate Controlled Storage Unit Rental Prices are based upon the Size of the Storage Unit that you choose to rent. Prices for our smaller storage units start at $44 per month on the low end and then go up incrementally from there as the the storage unit size increases. All of our storage unit contracts are done on a month to month basis to allow you flexibility. We offer over 70 different climate controlled storage unit sizes so that you may find the perfect sized and most economically priced storage space to best suit your storage needs.

For More Information concerning Our Climate Controlled Storage Unit Sizes and Prices, Please click here:

Q: What are Bast Storage’s Most Popular Storage Unit Dimensions and Associated Rental Prices?

A: As a general rule, we find that our customers can effectively store the contents of a 2 bedroom house in a 10’ x 21” storage unit. A 10’ x 21” storage unit currently rents for $98 per month. If you, by chance, happen to move your possessions into one of our storage units and later realize that your storage unit is the wrong size, then just let us know and we can simply transfer your storage contract to a more appropriately sized storage unit.

Q: Are Bast Storage’s Prices Cheaper Than Those Found in Nearby Metropolitan Climate Controlled Self Storage Facilities?

A: Yes, you will find that Bast Storage’s Climate Controlled Storage Unit Rental Prices, on average, are much cheaper and tend to be only around 1/3 the Storage Unit Rental Prices that similar Climate Controlled Storage Facilities charge in nearby metropolitan areas; such as St. Louis and Kansas City. Please don’t take our word concerning Our Cheaper Climate Controlled Storage Unit Rental Prices….Please Google it!

Q: When is the Bast Storage Staff in the Office to Assist Customers?

A: The Bast Storage staff is present during the week, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm to assist customers. Please feel free to drop by our office and we will give you a quick tour of our storage facility to help you find the right sized storage space that will best meet your storage requirements. You will frequently see our Bast Storage staff walking through our storage buildings to ensure that each building is in alignment with our high quality standards.

Q: When can Customers Access their Climate Controlled Self Storage Units?

A: Bast Storage Customers enjoy 24/7/365 access to their storage units. Secure Key Card entry is required to gain access to the inside of the building where your storage unit resides. This means that Only Bast Storage Customers who successfully input their Key Cards can enter the inside of our storage buildings. In addition, our Storage Units are individually locked with a lock that you provide so that you are the only one who can access your unit. To ensure that the interiors of our storage buildings remain safe and secure, we monitor all inside areas with our live video cameras. By taking these careful security precautions, Bast Storage maintains a safe storage environment so that you can visit your storage unit worry free.

Q: Where Is Bast Storage Located?

A: Bast Storage is located in downtown Sedalia, Missouri at 108 West Pacific Street. Our convenient location makes it easy for those living in Pettis County and West Central Missouri to drive to our climate controlled storage facility. In addition, we are conveniently located for those living in the Kansas City, Truman Lake and Lake of the Ozarks areas. Our storage facility is perfect for those living in Kansas City who seek lower prices for climate controlled storage and for those with homes on the lakes who require Jet Ski or Boat Storage in the off season.

Q: Where in Downtown Sedalia, Missouri is Bast Storage Located?

A: For those familiar with downtown Sedalia, Missouri, our Bast Storage Office is located in the historic J.A. Lamy Manufacturing building across from the Amtrak Station. Many in the area have fond memories of the Levi Blue Jeans manufacturing facility that formerly resided in the J.A. Lamy building. Thus, visiting Bast Storage, for these folks, is like a pleasant walk down memory lane.

Q: Why was Climate Controlled Self Storage Needed in Sedalia, Missouri?

A: Bast Storage was the first storage facility of its kind in Sedalia, Missouri. Bast Storage was created to meet the clear demand that existed in Pettis County and the West Central Missouri area for affordable Climate Controlled Storage. Our market research indicated that it was nearly cost prohibitive to operate a climate controlled storage facility in a larger, metropolitan area. Our conclusion was based upon the existing high cost associated with metropolitan commercial real estate. We realized that Sedalia, Missouri, with its Cheaper and therefore Much More Affordable commercial real estate, was the perfect place to provide a Climate Controlled Storage service closer to home and at a fraction of the price that metropolitan competitors charge.

Q: Why Do Customers Choose to Store at Bast Storage When Moving?

A: We find that our customers often utilize our storage facility during a move. Whether you are moving across town or across the country we are here to help you bridge the gap between your current residence and your future residence. Our climate controlled storage service is also often utilized by those who choose to move into an assisted living facility. If you know that you are leaving your home for an extended period of time, then you may gain peace of mind knowing that your prized possessions will be safe and secure in a Bast Storage Climate Controlled Storage Unit.

Q: How Does the Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit Rental Process Work?

A: For a new storage customer, the climate controlled storage unit rental process only takes about 15 minutes. We recommend that you visit our facility prior to your storage unit move in. You will know better than anyone how much storage space you need. After looking at several differently sized climate controlled storage units, you should be able to choose the right sized storage unit to appropriately meet your storage requirements. After you choose a storage unit, we will assist you in filling out our one page Storage Unit Rental Agreement; signature required. Then you will be free to begin moving into your climate controlled storage unit.

Q: How can Customers Best Maximize their Climate Controlled Self Storage Experience?

A: At Bast Storage, we understand that a customer’s storage requirements change over time. Sometimes you may require more space; other times, you may need less space. Fortunately, our month to month storage unit rental contract provides you the flexibility to upsize into a larger storage space when you need more space and to downsize into a smaller storage space when you need less space. At Bast Storage, we are here every step of the way to assist you in maximizing your climate controlled storage experience.

Q: How are the Climate Controlled Self Storage Units situated within the Bast Storage Facility?

A: We have over 200 Climate Controlled Storage Units located in 4 different climate controlled storage buildings. One of our buildings is exclusively used for car, boat, and RV climate controlled storage, while the other 3 buildings can be used for any other climate controlled storage requirement. You can bet that if one of our storage buildings doesn’t contain the right sized storage unit that will sufficiently meet your storage needs, then one of our remaining three storage buildings will. All four of our climate controlled storage buildings have dock high loading access that will ease the task of loading or unloading your storage possessions into or out of your storage unit.