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6-12-2013 Spring Fever Means Demand for Storage

We finally have found some warmer weather and with it we have seen an increase in traffic into Bast Storage. It is as if the cool spring kept people from feeling the normal restlessness to clean, move, reorganize this year. Now that Mother Nature has given us all our cue, please come see us at Bast Storage as we will have the storage unit size and location for you. If you need extra space we are always prepared to make deals and if you need commercial space we will build it to suit.

Also, we continue to renovated and update our facilities so if you have not seen our properties lately, please come see us. We are always in “improvement mode”, so come see what we have done and offer your own suggestions. As our customers, we are always interested in how you think that we can make our storage space even better. And, if you think we are as good as anyone could ever expect to be, please tell us that as well. We like a good compliment just as much as the next guy!

6-4-2013 Some Day Summer Weather Will Come

All of us in the storage business (particularly the climate controlled storage business) like the fact the weather has been so mild as it cuts down on the amount of heat and air conditioning that needs to run. But we all know what is coming to this part of Missouri in the very near future – hot, humid weather that destroys goods put in ordinary storage. Before that day comes, please find us at Bast and let us help you get a storage unit that is the right size so that you can move in to it before that hot weather comes. We can make this happen, and you can be the one laughing as your possessions sit in a comfortable storage unit as others struggle and fight the heat. See us soon.