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4-18-2013 Sedalia Spring Weather Demands Climate Controlled Storage

Spring weather can be dicey in most places, but it is especially so this year, and many years, in Sedalia and throughout west central MO. The more variable the climate, the more you really have to concentrate on controlling it for the stuff that you put in storage. We do all of that for you at Bast Storage. We not only keep the temperature much more steady than Missouri does, we also keep the humidity much more steady. That is hugely significant with all of the moisture we are having and will likely continue to have. Please keep us in mind as you make cleaning/organizing/moving plans this spring. We have space and it is all climate controlled. It’s what we do.

4-10-2013 Storage and Bugs Do Not Mix

Bugs think climate controlled storage is nice, too. However, we see to it that they are not allowed to stay. We spend a great deal of time and money making sure that our facilities are pest-free. Because of that, your valuables do not run the risk that they would in an outdoor facility or in a facility that does not perform proper pest maintenance. Ask your provider if he/she does pest management. Most do not and will try to avoid the conversation. But it is maybe the most important conversation to have when you are deciding where to store your prized possessions. Every month Bast Storage contracts to have profession pest exterminators walk the facilities. We then spend countless hours walking the facilities ourselves to be sure that they are accomplishing what they set out to do. We are proud of the way that we protect our tenants’ possessions in this fashion.