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2-15-2012 Climate Controlled is All About the Temperature

Please remember that, with climate controlled storage or with outside covered storage, it is all about the temperature. Obviously, if you choose to store in outside, covered storage you simply have to take whatever temperature Mother Nature delivers. What most folks do not know is that, for most facilities that claim to be climate controlled, all they are doing is slightly changing the temperature. At Bast Storage, we heat the facility to 65 – 70 degrees in the winter and cool it to about 75 degrees in the summer. This compares to many who keep theirs at 45 degrees in the winter and 80+ in the summer. That does not condition the air which does not control humidity which does not help the valuables you are storing. Please come talk to us about our facilities and the temperatures at which we keep them. It matters.

2-10-2012 Boat, RV, Extra Car, Trailer Storage is Coming

It is with greater certainty every day that I know we will be offering Sedalia’s best storage for RV’s, trailered boats, extra cars, etc. We are currently crafting plans for inside space that is hugely secure and keep your investment out of the weather. It will not be our typical climate controlled offering, but for boats, cars, RV’s it will be very close as it will be inside. Stay tuned and check back for progress reports. Rates have not been set, but we are going to make this crazy reasonable.

2-1-2012 1/12 of the Year Already Behind Us

Crazy to think it, but 1/12 of 2012 is gone. If you were planning on getting organized this year, get busy you. Climate controlled storage is your friend and we have just the right sized unit to make it happen. Come see us while the weather is still good.