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11-27-2011 Bring the Christmas Decorations out of Storage

If you were one of the folks who had the foresight to store their Christmas decorations in climate controlled storage after last Holiday season, you can easily retrieve them and get them set up. You have not spent the last 11 months tripping over them and moving them around when you needed something else in your basement. If you were not one of those folks last year, please come see us and give serious consideration to being one of them this year. We can simplify your life and help keep you organized.

11-15-2011 Storage Units are Cleaner than Ever

We have made a special effort to increase, in a sustainable way, the already very clean standard we have for our facilities. If you tour our storage units now, I believe that you will notice an even cleaner feel. We think this is important in the storage business, especially in the climate controlled side of it where people generally expect to pay more and get more. The cleaner a facility is the better it feels and smells and looks. There is a vibe to cleanliness. Come check us out please. We like to show it off to our friends.