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9-25-2011 Fall Cleaning at Your House or Business

If the annual cleaning has you wondering where you might store all of the things that are important to you or your business, but that are not needed daily, please come see us. Our fall cleaning has spiffed up the place even more than usual and we are ready for you and you valuables. It is what Bast Storage does – store well.

9-16-2011 Cleanliness’ Importance in Climate Controlled Storage

Unlike when people store their cars or boats in outside storage units, climate controlled storage units traditionally store things that reside in people’s homes when they are in use. Consequently, these items need to be stored where the environment is clean. At Bast Storage, we have committed to doubling our efforts in keeping our facilities clean. We have always prided ourselves on the attractiveness of our facilities, but we want them to be even better yet. Watch as our facilities go from being really good to really great.

9-8-2011 Testimonials Best Advertising for Our Facility

I was showing some potential clients a couple of different size storage units today when we came across one of our commercial clients who was loading out some product as he does every day. Our commercial client asked these folks if they were looking at renting a storage room and they said that they were. He proceeded to tell them the Bast Storage is the best! WOW. Blew me away. He said it is so easy to work in the facility. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These folks smiled and thanked him for the information. Thanks for the good feedback! I hope these folks join the family of Bast renters.