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7-28-2011 Easy Acessablitiy to Your Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Bast has 6 foot hallways??? Some competitors say that is unheard of and a waste of space, but at Bast Storage, we want you to be able to move in/out as easily as possible. Let’s not forget the variations of dock level entries to the units. So, call us crazy but we want you to move around freely.

07-14-2011 Weather Proof Units!

What funny weather this week has turned out to have. 100 degrees Tuesday, upper 90’s Wednesday, and 70 on Thursday. With this variations in weather, your outside storage units have the ability to allow weather damage to your possesions. Luckily, Bast’s entire storage facility is inside and at a comfortable temperature. This allows you to keep you items dry while storing them. Come on down to Bast Storage so that you can not only have a fair price for storage, but keep dry as well.