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3-29-2011 Climate is Going to Change in Sedalia, MO

Surely. Surely. Surely the climate outside will change in the next few weeks. In fact, as the saying goes, we will likely be complaining about the heat before too long. Come check us out and be ready. We have easy loading and unloading areas and carts to move your possessions from the door to your room. Pest control goes monthly and we even have restrooms – we are the only storage facility in Sedalia with that. See you soon.

3-14-2011 Who Needs This Climate?

I wrote last month that “winter will end, it always does.” I am currently re-thinking that after the 3 inches of snow today! Regardless, it is this sort of volatile weather that makes our storage all the more important in west central Missouri. Sedalia will get through this winter yet, and those folks that have their worldly possessions in our rooms will never know the difference.